Hello there. My names Nikki. I'm kind of a creep. I'm a photographer from Southern California. I really like moss, expired film, postcards and my dog Lulu. All photographs as of 2014 are taken by me. XOXO

  1. Hi tumblr folks. I haven’t really took any webcam photos of myself in awhile.I used to be webcam crazy! Holy shit. I’m super sleepy. I had a really swell day today.I made my sister breakfast.Did the squat,push up and sit up challenge. I hung out with Josh and got super stoned and managed to even go to the gym after… I also made cute outfits for when school starts next week. I’ve been wearing a lot of big shirts lately because I really hate my body right now..But I tried on some stuff and tried to look nice and I didn’t look half bad. I might as well embrace my extra weight I gained! It’s slowly going away!woo! 

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  1. montaggibbons said: Girl u look cute ! I want to style ur hair one day , like blow dry it out n put some product all up in it !
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